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Originally Posted by travel4B
Really nice! I just ordered a new 330i with the same color combination after changing my mind about a dozen times. I didn't think I wanted a gray interior but I think it looks great now. I went back and forth with Titanium Silver vs. Sparkling Graphite but decided the silver shows off the lines of the car better. Your photos just reconfirmed my decision. What are you using for floor mats? I'm thinking for rubberr mats that black would be better than gray. I'm geting ready to sell my 2001 330i which has a biege interior and the biege regular mats have really suffered.
I really struggled with color too. I was leaning towards either Barrique or Mystic. Both were very pleasing to my eye, but I was afraid to drop 40K on a color that might not stand the test of time. I punted on SG because it has a funky lavender metal flake that shows in the sun - not pretty. Then there was silver and after I applied the Ben Franklin test it was a no brainer. Best resale, easy to care for, shows body's lines best, doesn't get hot in sun, and just plain beautiful! Only negative is number of silver cars on the road - but hey, there's a reason for that. I almost went with black interior but after finding this one I just thought it was very classy looking and had some good contrast versus the wood trim and dash. I too came from a beige interior and you'll like the grey - a nice change up.

The mats are the BMW grey all weathers (rubber). I highly recommend them - effective and nice looking. Don't get black - too many colors going on that way. These are dark enough to not show much dirt. Get your dealer to throw them in. They probably only cost him $50! About 75 msrp.

What other options for you? Good luck!

PM me your email address if you want me to send you photos of a 330 sport with black interior.