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Originally Posted by lux View Post
I'm sure BMW will let this technology trickled down to all their other lines over time.

Interesting technology regarding local knowledge and feedback from users. The new advanced navigation system will likely transmit location/speed data back to this company (hopefully anonymously) to improve traffic and routing results for others.

Sounds like similar technology used in Google maps on a smart phone:
Interesting technology? Oh yeah...........Everyone IS watching. My 1986 UPS truck has telematics now!!! Its scary all the parameters/info they gather.
1.How many times i started the truck
2.How many time i backed up and distance
3.How many times i did not click my seatbelt/and distance with out seatbelt
4.How much time the trucks engine idled
5.How long the truck stayed in in place
6.How many times i open/shut the door
7.Daily route traved with trace/google earth map
The new diesel trucks also have,
8.Brake pedal pressure, G's
9.Throtle opening and at what rate/speed
10.side to side (degrees motion)
11. Also it sends check engine/EML's back to the shop for servicing the truck.
12. Top speed achieved
13.GPS live location
14.Flags when speeding is above the posted limit(yeah telematics know that now)
.........This is scary technology to have in your personal vehicle.
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