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Originally Posted by JesterEXW View Post

I have already posted my thoughts on the practical side of this and a solution I thought was close to ideal yet that gets no reply.
Yup, you should get used to that... I dont know if you are new to this sub-forum, but you should get used to certain posters ranting and calling people all sorts of names, and insisting their motivations must be racist in nature, instead of attacking the argument itself. (in between bragging about getting folks banned)

I've also made several logical points that few want to address. The biggest of which is the logical elephant in the room, that fact that there are not enough doctors, nurses, and hospital beds to service this huge, sudden influx of bodies into the system. This is a concern shared by people such as the President Elect of the American Medical Association, according to CNN. Nobody has suggested any plausible mitigation for this.

I've also brought up the fact that millions of jobs have already been outsourced, and millions more will follow if you take steps to make the business climate here even more inhospitable than it already is. (that would include doing things like creating financial incentives to stop hiring once a headcount reaches 49, for example). Others have mentioned that also, but nobody wants to acknowledge it, or offer any practical defense against it.

People dont want to address these issues, they would rather call the posts of those who disagree with them "absolute lunacy". If you can find a way to fix that, I'll buy you a beer.