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Originally Posted by Fox128i View Post
This shouldn't stop us from providing health care to those that need it, but it does present a challenge to overcome.
It shouldnt stop us from getting to the point where eventually, everyone has some kind of healthcare. In the meantime, it should cause us to limit or control the rate at which un-insured people start getting coverage, so that the sudden surge does not overwhelm the system to the point where it is damaging to everyone.

My biggest fear is the "lifeboat effect". (ie: 20 seat lifeboat is full, but nobody wants to leave the last 5 people on deck, so they invite them in. Overcapacity causes that lifeboat to sink, thus drowning 25 people instead of 5)

For those who will suggest my allegory is a twisted exaggeration to support a point:

The Canadian Medical Association Journal states that over the course of only 1 year in Ontario, 71 patients died while waiting for Coronary Bypass Surgery, and 100 more became medically unfit for surgery.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp reports that "109 people had a heart attack or suffered heart failure while on the waiting list. Fifty of those patients died.