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Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
Any more detail on this ap?

I have bc br kit just fitted to my e92 m3 and its developed a knocking noise from the rear?

They have suggested adjusting the dampener travel which I will, but not best pleased having issues after a coupe of hundred miles! It may be this or faulty shock.

Btw, don't mean to sway the ops decision. Ride is very good on the bcs.
Fraid not bud, What happened was initially the front passenger side started knocking. They insisted the drop links were not tight. They were, in the end they replaced a KOYO bearing. Then the rears started knocking. Performance was fine, but the knocking sound although just a sound became annoying overtime, such as a persistent tooth ache.

They replaced both rear dampers but after a few hundred miles same issue.

Can't fault the service as all was done free off charge. But sadly the product or batch was to blame. He sold them on in the end.

Best of luck bud.