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Originally Posted by carve View Post
@JCE: I was referring to what I said in post 50. It's similar to what you said in #55, but with some notional numbers thrown in.

Where? Show me a fire in a similar fully furnished building that has burned completely uncontrolled for 7 hours. No firefighters. No sprinklers. Just an evacuated building.

I'm not familiar with the molten steel so I can only speculate. A lot of energy is released in the fire and collapse. Even if there was thermite used to cut girders, it would be a tiny increase to the total energy of the system. What seems to be happening is a bunch of fire smoldering with what little oxygen it can get from air and steam, with the heat having nowhere to go, and then getting a big whiff of air as the rubble is cleared. Ever hear of a "backdraft" in firefighting? Something like that.

Where's the thermite connection? Are you saying they set off charges 6 weeks later?
THe 911 conspiracy "films" all basically put that under the rug and acted like there was a small fire and then boom it all came down perfectly at free fall. Rather than facing the fact it was an extreme impact of a jet liner plus hours of fires. Part of one of the towers crashed into the backside of Tower 7 and cut a huge slice into it. Of course the 911 conspiracy movies don't show that side.

This is the first time a jet liner crashed into a building so to say simply that fires never lead to a collapse is irrelevant.