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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
I think that the point being made is an obvious one.

The way that Obama was elected and is currently treated is more like an episode of Dancing with the Stars (in which viewer votes based on popularity carry a big stick) instead of a decision being made based on a comparison of policies and credentials, and how they will affect the country.

There is a reason that there is an abundance of pro-Obama propaganda/collectibles/items out there, far and above anything seen in the past.
Didn't Obama get something like 53% of the popular vote? And now 47% of the population likes his policies. I'd expect that 47% were poeple who originally voted for him. So basically, 88% of the people who voted for him, like what he is doing. The 47% who didn't vote for him are now joined by 6% who originally voted for him but now don't like his policies.

This doesn't seem odd and I'd venture most Presidents have similar stats after a year(ish) in office. The people who didn't vote for you didn't like the platform you ran on and they definitely won't like the policies you actually are able to implement. In fact, due to the checks and balances in the system that will water down policy, people who liked your original ideas may not like what comes out of the political machine at the end.

Edit: some quick googling later, it seems that of the last 12 US Presidents only 4 had higher approval ratings after 1 year in office. They are Bush 1, Nixon, Bush 2 (huge boost after Sept. 11) and Kennedy. Everyone else has a lower approval rating.