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Exclamation Service Manager Mistaken

Originally Posted by msinfo_us View Post
Yeh, I think you right on with the parts list. I spoke today with service manager and he read it to me -- sounds dead on. Service manager got very defensive when I asked if this happened often enough for him to recognize the problem even before I finished describing it ... so I think it is not uncommon. But he did try to explain that there is no long term damage to engine because all parts are on the top and don't affect anything inside (very brief version of his answer). I am glad your car is running noise free -- gives me hope too.

PS I still can't attach a sound file so people can compare it. What is wrong with the site? I had no problem attaching files before.
The reason the service manager became defensive may be because he's tired of hearing about the problem all the time. When he told you the defective hydraulic valve lifters create no long term damage to the engine, he's dead wrong. Ask him if the valves can burn if they are constantly subjected to short cycling due to defective lifters? Maybe they think we "no nothing dummies" will keep driving the car until the warranty expires and we'll have to pay for an engine overhaul or replacement on our dime.