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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
I understand your frustration, but if you dont like the price, then dont buy it.

Don't make a thread about a company and call them "bs" because they wouldn't cut you a deal because you are local!

Have you purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of modifications from them that would entitle you to a discount of some sort? If so then I see your complaint, if not then you are a nobody to them and they do not owe you anything but msrp as far as that concerned.
I see where you getting at, but the whole system of " pm for pricing" is just a unfair system for customers. They could always post a set price for local pick up and shipped price. I know its just way for them to make more profits but it still doesn't look good to me. And this is the place where I share my feeling/comments toward vendors. I am posting this topic to another forums as well for people to know real price for cobb ap.