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Originally Posted by Mike************ View Post
We appreciate and value your business. There really is no need for a thread here. All you had to do is call us or e-mail us, show us the quote you received, and if it's from a LEGIT RESELLER we would have issued you store credit towards your next purchase for the price difference. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, and really there is no reason for an imflammatory thread here.

We do our best to offer the lowest prices. COBB dictates to us that we cannot advertise this lower than $895. Being that we are a DIRECT AUTHORIZED dealer for COBB (you can look us up on their website, which you cannot say for some other dealers that we compete against) we have to play by their rules. This is because they support our company and our customers since we are direct with them.

We want to earn every customer, but making negative threads about a sale like this is uncalled for. This easily would have been resolved if you had just contacted us. It still can be resolved if you pick up the phone instead of blasting us from behind your keyboard and hurting our ability to succeed as a business.

I asked for best price picked up two times on the phone and gilbert told me 800 is best price you guys could do. And thank you for price matching system. I called you guys up to get better pricing not the price match!!