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"Better" is a relative term - "better" than what?
DSC controls "better" than DTC, but
DTC drifts "better" than DSC... which can be fun under the right conditions.

I routinely use DTC instead of DSC on slippery roads where I need to merge into moving traffic from a standing start (like from a side street into a busy street). With DSC, I will accelerate, but any slippage and I might come to a nearly complete jerking stop until it figures everything out. With DTC, I can safely "drift" it into traffic (I use the term rather generously) without the dangerous hesitation a slip-correction can cause.

At all other times I drive with DSC ON as it is the safest option to correct unexpected screwups.

You can also turn the system off completely if you have the space to safely enjoy being a complete goof in your car.

I would recommend you find a large empty snow-covered parking lot with no obstacles and try it out for yourself doing aggressive figure-8's to see what the 3 settings feel like. Good clean fun.