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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
In terms of the DPF removal it always seems to me that the majority of people on here are quite reserved with modifying their cars (no bad thing). It's probably got something to do with the big repair bills that you can get with these cars making a warranty almost essential and therefor nobody wants to invalidate their warranty with anything to far from oem. The only DPF removal i've read about on here was due to the guy having problems with the DPF and being quoted stupid money from the dealers to fix. It therefor worked out cheaper to fit a removal pipe and have it coded out of the car.

If you look at any of the VAG or Vauxhaul forums you'll see a much larger number of people removing the DPF. It does make the car chuck a bit of soot out the back but not much and it's generally only under hard acceleration. On the plus side it makes the car more responsive, gives more power than just a remap and can make it sound a bit less dieselly. A few weeks back I was speaking to a guy who had just had one fitted to his 330d and at first I thought the car was petrol, he was over the moon with it.

In terms of whether a 335d is better than an S3 it's really a personal preference and needs thing, you couldn't really stand the two against each other as comparable cars in my opinion due to the vast differences between them. The only thing that could really be said is that they will both no doubt put a smile on your face.
Thanks dad....Nah only joking very useful info their and i did notice that most people on this forum don't like to mod their cars much. So i think your theory is right, i've drove a s3 so was trying to see if they was similar performance wise.

Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Shame to have a nice looking car chucking out a load of shit out the back!
Yea i hate seeing nice car's chucking soot out make's the car look so cheap.