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Originally Posted by R80TER View Post
A mapped 330d will PWn an S3. a mapped 330d is not far off the performance of a 335d, but with lower running costs and cheaper to buy intially!
Yeah, the 330d will be fine unless the guy in the S3 has also had it mapped.

Candy (son ) as well as testing the cars you need to ask yourself a few questions to find what's suitable. It's clear you want a premium brand car that's fast but you don't want to be spending most of your time in petrol stations so the big BMW diesels fit the bill. If you do mainly short journeys around town, like to modify your cars and don't want to sound like a taxi then the S3 would probably be a better car. It's fine for someone to come on and say they do 40mpg in theirs but for all you know they could be doing 100 miles a day all motorway at an average speed of 60mph. You have to live with the car everyday so buy something that fits your everyday but also gives the fun you want.