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Agree with the above, keep it for a year/year and a half at least. If your doing high milleage you will have the depreciation problem what ever car you get, the only way to realistically reduce this is to buy a cheaper car, aka

if you buy a 20k car and after 2 years it loses 50% of its value cause of the high milleage it will cost you 10k, if you buy a 10k car and it loses 50% of its value because of high milleage it will cost you 5k.

The above math isnt scientific and the amount it depreciate can vary from car to car. If you want to really save money buy a hyundai, 5yrs unlimited milleage warranty, you could buy one cheap and run it for 5yrs putting shed loads of milleage on it, ok it wont be worth anything at the end but it still works out the cheaper option.

If however you want a car you enjoy driving, the stick to the BMW and pay urs money.