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My 2007 is in for the same repair right now. They have me in a 08 335xi loaner and I'm on my third week of waiting..... Yeah, I've been enjoying the loaner but still, love to have mine back.

If they did not have me in a comparable car, I'd be hot but at least your post gives me hope that it will be returned to me good as new.

BTW, Ironically, my 08 loaner with 15k miles is ticking just as bad as mine was at 48k.

Originally Posted by Rekla View Post
Dropped car of at dealer 4/16. They worked on the cylinder head till 4/21. Then they started trouble shooting the steering wheel lock mechanism since it rattled on occasion. They replaced the upper steering column. Car back 4/27. I had a brand new 528i as a loaner, put 650 miles on it and I enjoyed that ride. Here is the partslist:

(1) 11-12-7-591-617 N52 Cylinder head with valve
(1) 11-12-9-391-547 Set of Alu. screws F Cylinder
(1) 11-12-7-548-799 Bolt cylinder head
(1) 11-12-0-392-547 set of alu. screws
(3) 11-12-7-521-167 ASS-Stud Bolt
(2) 11-36-7-524-954 Collar Screw
(1) 11-12-7-555-757 Cylinder head gasket
(1) 11-12-7-548-921 Gasket set cylinder head
(1) 11-12-0-409-288 set of alu. screws
(2) 13-62-7-530-413 Torx screw
(2) 11-12-7-529-997 Torx Screw
(6) 33-32-6-768-354 Hex screw with collar
(1) 11-42-7-566-327 Set oil-filter Elem
(7) 07-51-0-017-954 Motor oil SW30
(1) 82-14-1-467-704 Antifreeze
(1) 22-11-0-392-551 Set of Alu. screws

Engine purrrrrrrssssss just fine now. No more ticking of the valves noticeable even when the hood is open. Not enough miles yet for a durability/reliability report / gas mileage observation. My SA told me I was his 6th Head replacement, there are about 5 SA at the dealership so they did close to 30 so far. He told me if this was done outside warranty it would probably run between $6,250 - $7,000. Ouch! Glad I got it done although time will tell if messing with the engine and tearing it apart has effect on the reliability. I've got 17 months left on my original 4 year warranty.

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