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Originally Posted by 5erman View Post
Hey guys, I am visiting you from 5er land and have been having lifter issues for some time. Thought I would share a problem I had a few days ago. I took my car in for lifter bleed and got it home. Later in the night I started the car and the engine went absolutely crazy, making sounds, shaking the whole vehicle, the tachy going from 0-2k randomly back and forth. The car was undrivable and soon a CEL light came on. Had it flatbeded obviously to the dealer.

Well I am waiting on them to inspect further but what they can tell as of friday was a broken/damaged valve spring. This is a car with 30k miles on it and lifter tick from about 15k or so.

The car drove flawlessly prior to this episode and I am not happy. He is talkin about replacing the cylinder head however I do not think this is acceptable since I cannot find another explanation but whatever the dealer did to bleed my lifters by revving it high for some time. I am getting in touch with bmwna and am requesting a new engine wiht the revised head obviously.

Question is, what other parts could be gone if a broken spring was indeed the problem. I do not see how one broken spring would cause that crazy of an engine response. It is proof that lifters in these cars will cause damage as what other cause for a spring to be gone at 30k. I drove the car hard since day 1 but who has not driven these cars hard?

Would you guys be happy with a new cylinder head or expect a new engine. I think if the dealer breaks something, they should replace and not repair it.
Pray that you didn't have a broken valve spring. If you do have a broken
spring then your damage could extend to the valve, piston, cylinder head
and surrounding parts. BMW would be the only one to determine whether
a new engine is the best course of action given the damage and the cost
to repair. I imagine though (I'd like to think too) that they'll go through
this with you in detail. And yes, one broken spring can cause that kind of
an engine response.

In our cases, of the ticking noise from the lifters, we can't ask for a new
engine. Personally, in my ticking case, I would be happy with a new cylinder
head. And I am going back to my dealer tomorrow for round 2.