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This is totally out of control! BMW should be ashamed! This is a serious problem with the engines in these cars, my 07 328XI coupe started doing this when the car was half a year old. I am in the KNOW and any sound like that is NO OIL getting to a part, my car would sit there at idle and until I drove somewhere then the noise would go away. The dealer did the bleed in its first year of ownership, had I known what the BLEED is now I would not have bothered to have it done. This BLEED process is a joke and will NOT FIX the problem. I would not describe the noise as a tick it is a TAP with a metal against metal sound. After complaining again about the noise at one of my nuisence service visits I was told "they all do it, it is normal". That was not acceptable to me on a car that cost this much, I could have bought four cars for that amount of money that I would expect a noise like this from. The next step involved bringing the car back to the dealer when the BMW service rep was present. Of course I told them it probably would not do it because it does the noise on occasion. Some times it will happen a couple of days in a row other times not for weeks, always when first started in the morning. Took the car home unsatisfied that nothing was to be done to remedy this. They had done the bleed was this not enough evidence to remedy this? I had then found this forum on the subject and told the dealer service dpartment, service told me to call the 800 number. I called and complained told them my $45,000 car sounds like it has a JUNKYARD ENGINE in it. Weeks past playing phone tag and getting nowhere, finally called to find out what would be done and was told it was an ESCALATED CASE. I thought great something will finally be done. Only to be told I would have to bring it back to the dealer. Called the dealer, they agreed to keep it until it would make the noise for them to hear. This after I told them I had this noise on video, the car was in for this several times. Yet nobody would except this until it was heard by them. The car was there for a week, NO noise. I was asked to come and get my car, came to pick it up and someone had doored my beautiful MINT car with only 6800 miles on it. Now I have a HUGE problem that BMW CREATED by not just sucking it up and fixing the problem in the first place! Of course they did everything to satisfy me including assistance in BUYING a new car. Why should I have to spend another $15,000 to replace my new car. The damage was bad enough they had to repaint the entire side of the car. I told them I would not take the car and they finally agreed to buy the car from me, still losing allot of money. When I came to the dealer get my check and pick-up some personal stuff in the car, still at the body shop. The salesman and I drove over to the body shop to get my belongings and BINGO they had it sitting there idling and guess what it was finally doing. UNBELIEVABLE! The dealer has since sold my NEW car and this will now be someone else's problem, what a shame. I feel sorry for the person who now will have to deal with this!