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mObridge thread revival!...

I have a 2005 build e90 330i with professional radio, no idrive, no Bluetooth, no CD changer.

Finally upgraded my iPhone a couple weeks ago to a 4s with 6.0.1 and have Siri, i love Siri. Yes, i saw the episode of BBT when Raj falls in love, and now I see why... All cars should come with Siri

I wanted her added into my car...

I took it to a local install shop here in Victoria called Ralph's Radio, Nathaniel is the sales rep and Cam did the install, they added a ABT2010-BMW-N mObridge kit last Monday. They were uncomfortable with adding the microphone in the factory location so I wired the mObridge microphone into the default microphone location above the driver in the dome/sunroof/light module and ran the wire through the headliner and followed the wiring behind the curtain airbag in the a-frame and down to the glove box.

They advised to take it in and have the car coded for the mObridge unit using an autologic kit; I enabled it myself with NCS Expert, CAS, made two changes to the rad2 module:



Check out the mObridge usage videos:

After install, press the Menu button on the radio, go into the phone section and you can enable Bluetooth, pair your phone and also delete any extra phones the installers paired during install.

Press the Audio button and select the CD Changer then press the list button and pick the Aux: input, change the input to A2DP by holding down the right arrow key for a few seconds which will enable bluetooth audio. Then tell Siri to play your favorite song, it sounds simply amazing - no wires, no loss in quality - I love it.

The downside? You need to set the Aux input to A2DP every time you start your car; your phone will still work but you will not have wireless music in CDC mode.

The mObridge kit does not interface with the voice button on the steering wheel, just the phone button, so I mounted a Tetrax x-way and 'stuck' the phone on my dash, I hold the home button on the iphone and the volume mutes on the radio and siri comes on through the car speakers and picks up my voice from the microphone in the headliner. I can tell her to call someone, write a text message, etc.

When a call comes through it does not matter if I have the phone in my holster, the x-way, or sitting on the passenger seat, it mutes the audio and rings through the speakers, I can press the phone button on the steering wheel or the answer button on the radio or press answer on the phone to take the call.

The mObridge unit also has an ipod cable and a 3.5mm aux cable in the glove box, the ipod cable charges the iphone and also enables the ipod/iphone through the steering wheel controls. Pressing up/down on the steering wheel will scroll through songs on the device. You can also sort and find songs through the radio by playlist, genre, title, etc.