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It very hard to compare peoples rates, today there are so many factors that roll into a rate. I pay little over $600 a year with low deductible and high limits. But I also have multiply cars and house and a umbrella policy. I get all kinds of discounts because of the things I have insured with State Farm. I can tell you I do shop once in awhile, and when you take everything I insure together no one beats State Farm. Some companies give better rated to different classes of people. State farm may be higher for younger drivers with no assets. when I was wronger I had a different company, I think it was USAA but at some point State beat them all and I have been with them for 20 yrs now.

Again SF rewards you the longer you stay with them and the more things you cover with them. Plus you get a real agent to talk to who usually has a local office to you.

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