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I had one but couldn't get on with it ... but was driving it every day in SW London and Surrey.

When given a bit of space and grabbed by the scruff of the neck it loved it ... plain and simple ! Engine is a peach though very linear ... not exactly lacking and loved to be revved ...

Suspension is good and it handles great - though it is a big beast. It does ride hard and seats though they hold you OK are also firm.

Downsides - heater for roof down winter fun is sadly lacking. I have had 4 convertibles and all but this one were ok on cold days with a good coat. The heater on this was useless though.

The reason I sold it was the gearbox though ... I have driven a few and mine was the best of those I tried but I just found it too notchy. It has a clutch delay valve which slows up the change but basically it is not a smooth car to drive at all. I wanted to love it but it is the only car I have ever sold because of a problem like this ... and that includes time with a TVR Griffith (which was not a 'light' drive!).

Petrol at 23mpg was reasonable I think for 343bhp ... but servicing is costly - Insp 1 at about 700 and Insp 2 at 1000 by the time brake fluid changes are taken into account which are not included in the standard service costs. Tyres for me wore well and the trim is OK.

If I could have used it at weekends I would have kept it ... but it was for everyday use so it went. Do I miss it .. No - but it was good when driven 'progressively'.

Hope this helps