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335i E92

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I'm running Falken 452 and whilst they are great value they're not really up to the job.

With being Evolve stage 2 I was hopping to upgrade to a quaife diff but my turbo wastegates are toast so money has been redirected for now.

I'm looking at new rubber v soon and with no LSD on the horizon I'm going to be spending more $ on them this time around. The falkens have been ok but can be a little unpredictable / snappy under throttle hence I'm now looking for the grippiest I can find.

The general consensus here is the Sport Contact 5's which is prob the route ill go, however does anyone know how much better they are (if at all) to the Sport Contact 3's?

Also, the falkens always seemed slightly narrower than other tyres so was running (18") 235/265 rather than 225/255 to gain a little tyre wall protection. will I be able to do this with the conti's or are they naturally wider