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Thanks BuraQ. If I get Dinan tune like yours, what will I need with it? And how much is stage 3 tune?
Its expensive . To get Stage 3 you need to install the Dinan FMIC for the 335i which cost $1500 and have it custom installed like I did:

The 335is has an additional frame behind the M-Bumper that needs to be modified and then the FMIC fits right in perfectly as you can see above. A Dinan dealer, other than BMW, are the only ones that Dinan will alow to do this. Labor on this can range from $400-$700, you cannot do it yourself, Dinan will only cover you if their approved dealer does it.

Since I had the first Stage 3 Boost upgrade that was made for my 335is more than likely you will get the same version I have. The Stage 3 will cost about $2200. I am getting about 360whp and 410wtq enough to take out a 135i w/ JB4 on Map 5 from the dig:

It take about 100-200 miles for the DME to adapt to the new tune.

Originally Posted by Yodaime
LOL!!!! SCROLL UP!! I just posted about this problem haha. I clearly warned everyone that once you go past than normal psi on our car, its a risk to the charge pipe. since bmw had only about 8psi stock on the 335i, its build for just that. anymore than the pipe will either rip, pop off or crack. take apart your airbox and check your chargepipe. their made of plastic stock.

Now about the wistling sound and loud turbo spooling, I have a video of it will post later, I think its normal as you increase boost. There is no loss of power at all on my end and my charge pipe is fine, which of course I might change later on. Better yet when I have some time I will drop it off to the dealer for them to double check it.