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E92-Lighting: Misleading Product Descriptions & Counterfeit Philips

OK, so this is a bit long, but it relates to the customer service, and the products.

So I sent a PM to e92-Lighting last Thursday (8/2) asking for some info, as one of my headlights had turned purple and was on its way out. I'd ordered painted reflector from them back in March with no issues.

After a bit of back and forth I ordered new bulbs that evening, along with some DTEC H8 Ambers, as he said they wouldn't cut out in high heat like my LUX, some corner bulbs and new fog bulbs. I then sent an email via their site, as well as a PM here, to let them know which type of D1S bulb I wanted (5k or 6k)

I received an email Saturday afternoon (8/4), in response to my email from Thursday, asking if I was sure of my choice of 5k, and suggesting 6k instead because 98% of their customers had ordered that one and been happy. I said it was fine to use 6k if they weren't too blue. I received no reply.

Saturday night my headlight went completely dead.

On Monday (8/6) I checked the order status and it still showed as in process, so I imitated a chat via their website and let them know my headlight finally went out on Saturday and I was wondering when I might receive the order. I was advised the order would ship out that day and I'd have it in about 2 business days.

On Wednesday (8/8) I checked the order status again, looking for a tracking number of some sort, and it still showed as in process. So, I again initiated a chat and waited in queue, with my initial message stating my order number and asking for the order/shipping status, as the order still showed as in process.

After waiting in queue for a few minutes I was kicked out of queue and was advised that all reps were offline. At that point I called the phone number on their site and it was just a voice mail message stating to send an email. I chose not to send an email, as the last one took 2.5 days to get a reply on. I checked the order status again at this point, and it had changed to completed, which means someone read my message, chose not to speak with me, then just changed the status of the order...which is quite rude and a bit shady.

I received an email a few minutes later indicating that the order had been completed. So, I initiated another chat, as they were now back online. My initial message was asking for the status of the order again, and for a tracking number. I was advised that the order had already been shipped to me and they would find it and email it to me, as it was on a different database...OK.

At this point I was a bit upset/concerned, and started doing some searches. I found a handful of bad reviews, customer service wise, and some reviews about fake product. Great.

I started a chat 5 hours later, with the initial message stating my order number and that I was still waiting for the tracking number. All operators went offline after a couple of minutes in the chat queue.

I started a chat again a few minutes later, because they were back online again, with the same inquiry. All operators went offline after a couple of minutes. So, I sent the question via their email form.

I received an email about an hour later with a tracking number that USPS didn't recognize which, for a package that was supposedly shipped two days ago, is strange.

Yesterday, Thursday (8/9) the tracking number is working, and says electronic shipping info received 8/9. "The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on August 09, 2012 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later."

So, I sent them an email advising the tracking number indicates the package hasn't shipped yet, and asking if it shipped on Monday (8/6) or not. I didn't receive a reply.

Today, Friday (8/10) I received the package (the label showed a print date of 8/8); however, there were some issues.

1) The HID bulbs they sent me aren't Philips D1S bulbs...they are a knockoff made in Taiwan product and do not match the image on the product page.

I'm pretty sure I know what his reply to me on this issue will be, and that I'll just have to trust in PayPal; the product page states "This is for a set of 2 Philips Ultinon Xenon Burners" which means he knows he is selling fake items, and is misleading those who don't understand that this means the image pictured isn't representative of what you'll receive.

Product page image, suggestion this is what you're buying

Product page disclaimer, meaningless to those of us who don't know what this truly means when placing an order.

2) The DTEC H8 LED bulbs they sent me indicate that the control units must be mounted outside the headlight housing, which, again, doesn't match the information on the product page.

Product Description

Product Manual

I've initiated a PayPal claim and emailed the vendor; this thread is just a head's up to the community. I saw a few similar threads on this vendor when I started looking on Wednesday, after I started having issues.

I had ordered painted reflectors from them back in March and had no issues with that order, so I was hoping the products would be fine when they arrived...sadly, that wasn't the case.