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Blackberry Bold 9900

Last August while I was in Tampa my 3 old Blackberry cratered. The screen was scratched and the back kept falling off. Finally the keys got stuck. Managing with my laptop I waited till I got home and reluctantly I replaced it with the new state of the art circa 2008 (actually brand new) Blackberry Bold.

It paired easily enough with my e70 and my stepson's e92. After about a month of ownership the phone indicated that there was an operating system upgrade. I've had a blackberry of some kind or another since 1999 and have always upgraded the OS manually. This was the first time I'd been prompted to do so. Assuming it was quick and easy I said yes and then proceeded to shave and shower. It took nearly 4 hours.

Well the upshot was that a couple things happened when I got in the e70. The photos of people that were in my contacts appeared on the screen when they'd call me or when I call them. And an alert appeared whenever new emails arrived. I soon discovered that the e70 would read the emails and that I received alerts in real time -- that is whenever they appeared on the phone, they appeared on the screen. This lasted until right before New Years.

Suddenly the phone stopped receiving messages and had to call AT&T to have them troubleshoot. After nearly an hour the phone was working again. However now I don't emails in the e70 anymore. To be more precise, I get text messages from AT&T and nothing else. I looked at them and some are nearly a year old -- i.e. substantially older than the phone. Others are simply ads to get new phones or add an additional line etc.

I assume that when the AT&T guy was having me make changes to get my phone working I changed some setting that prevents emails from communicating with the e70.

Any ideas?