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Wanted to ask opinion on HVA valve lifters. First of all RealOem shows different numbers for intake
11337548690 vs exhaust 11337605330. I measure length width depth etc. and the ones I took off my car are the same. Same for the roller drag lever that the lifter head snaps onto. Anybody knows what the deal is?

The second issue is which way is the lifter supposed to be good, when pressed 4 on exhaust side are really hard or impossible to press in, in the dropbox video below you will notice how it only goes in very little
The rest( all intake and most exhaust except the 4 mentioned above) do press in and come back out from the spring action. In all the way
I called the dealer to check on the 11337605330 exhaust side which they have in stock and the guy said the one he tested did not push in. How is that possible as the pictures of the inside of the lifter show it is pretty simple a spring, a piston and the top with the head and a circlip that pushes on the piston.

Unless there is oil in it it should move up and down freely. If there is sludge built up then there should be resistance. I should go to the dealer and check it myself.
I filmed it also to show movement. Let me know what you think on both issues.
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