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Cannot launch my E92 335?

Ok... so I've had a read on the forums re: launching, etc., but still having problems with launching my car.

I have a 2007 E92 335i with the steptronic transmission.

I've tried...

1. Launching by just 'hitting the accelerator' in D/DS/Paddle, with both levels of traction control turned on/off
2. Launching in 2nd gear (using paddle shifters)
3. Holding the brake down until 2-3rpm and then letting go

In all of my tests, the car just will not launch off the line. No tire slip, no quick acceleration. It just 'thinks' for a second and then takes off. Once it gets going it accelerates fast, but it just won't launch. If it's a rolling start (e.g. slowly taking a turn and then accelerating) I can get it going as quickly and with as much wheel spin as I want.

Any thoughts?

In case it's related -- my HPFP is playing up, although it seems to fix itself when I turn the car on/off. Taking it to the dealership next week.