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DIY garage with lifts & tools - Coventry

I've been using this place recently:

it has lifts and most tools, and open 6 days till late.

It costs 10 per hour plus 5 per hour for big tool rental like impact gun. Hand tools are free.

Its great for the competent DIY'er who normall has to work on the driveway or pay a mechanic to do stuff they could do themselves if only they had use of a lift.

On Saturday I did my engine mounts and a number of other little bits and pieces and spent 4 hours there in total (taking my time as it was my first time there, and generally faffing about as I was in no rush), today I went back and changed front control arms, drop links, gear box mounts and some other little bits in 3 hours. You can imagine how much I have saved on even indy prices, and with the added bonus of it being done at MY convenience.

Give them a try you'll be surprised (or not) at how much easier everything is with the car in the air.

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