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I also wanted to add something that applies to this post: the appropriate way to act when being stopped by the police or getting a speeding/traffic ticket.

Not only do I work with/know many cops, assistant district attorneys, etc., but this method got me out of many speeding tickets because I didn't act like a jerk and put the officer at ease when I clearly should have been given a ticket. If the officer knows you won't cause trouble, respect them and you put them at ease, then they are more likely not to give you a ticket.

1. Pull over in a safe place as far over as you can. Turn off car and put on hazards.

2. Do not reach for anything in the glove box, under your seat or any compartment before the officer arrives at your window. Just sit there.

3. Simply sit there, put both hands palm up on top of the steering wheel and look straight ahead. Until the officer arrives at your window. Do not get out of the car unless instructed by the officer. This is the most dangerous time for an officer.

4. When the officer arrives at your car, keep the same position as #3. When the officer asks you questions say "no, sir", "yes, sir", "I'm not sure, sir", "I don't know, sir". You don't have to admit to anything. If the officer asks how fast you think you were going, you can just say the speed limit, sir. Look straight ahead. Don't argue, keep your answers short.

5. If the officer asks for your registration or license, tell the officer where they are located, move SLOWLY, and let the officer know what you are reaching for. "My registration is in the glove compartment sir. My license is in my wallet in my left pocket." Tell the officer, "I'm unbuckling my safety belt and will reach for my wallet in my left pocket with my left hand".

6. Keep your hands visible at all times, keep a level attitude, be courteous (even if the officer is not), and NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS.

Remember, threatening that "you know so and so" and "I'll have your badge" will not result in you getting out of the ticket. Excuses will not work most of the time either. They don't care that you are late to work. They don't care that you are late for class.

Officers have great discretion at a traffic stop. Even if you do know so and so and can get out of it, wouldn't it be better not to have to call in a favor?

Police officers to have a difficult job. Just last month a local police officer was killed in the line of duty when responding to a domestic abuse case. The officer showed up outside of an apartment. The murderer ran into the apartment with his girlfriend and shut/locked the door with the officer outside of it. When the officer was just about to kick in the door the murderer shot the officer through the door, killing him.

Please note that this applies mainly to speeding tickets. If you are ever caught drunk driving, there is a very different response that you should give the officer, but I will not post in this forum what is the appropriate way to limit the evidence collected for a DUI traffic stop before going to court.