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Originally Posted by shrink View Post
15 years ago huh? 2 years ago, i had so much snow where I live (just outside Edinburgh, so not like deepest mongolia) That my 5 series at the time, sat inside a snow drift for 3 weeks!

I couldnt go anywhere, drive anywhere or even get the car out until it stopped snowing for more than 2 days.

Pics for enjoyment:

This was november 2010, and yes theres a 5 series on 18's under there. The snow was so high in one shot, that you cant even see the wheels. Some of you need to get out of surrey now and again and see that not everywhere is Sun and Wimbledon all year round!

Surely if the snow was that deep you wouldnt be able to move the car even with snow tyres... Its not got the ground clearance and you would just plough the snow.

I'd recommend a landrover for these conditions.
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