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Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
I'm a bit confused by this, all the reports I've read state that above 7 deg summer tyres function better & below 7 deg winter tyres etc, but this test was done in September on what looks to be quite a warm day, so why are the winter tyres performing better? Am I missing something?
They are driving on Skid pans to simulate the low grip coefficient of a cold wet/icey road. There is a section of warm dry track where they say the summer tyres perform better. But the winters are not "unsafe" in these temperatures just have less absolute grip.

The 7 degrees figure is slightly misleading in my opinion. This is the result of different rubber compounds used by the premium brands and not as a result of the tread pattern/design. Do less premium brands use these high tech rubber compounds, probably not.

So in summary:
In snow Winter tyres are invaluable
In temperatures of less than 7 degrees premium brand winter tyres provide more grip than all season tyres.
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