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Ever since I was young I've been a fan of BMW's.

My Mum had a white e30 325i convertible back in the early 90's. I have great memories of driving around France in the summer, top down with Queen blaring out the speakers.
A family friend happened to own the e30 M3 at the time so I've always appreciated the M's as well.

After the e30 my Mum had an e46 318i coupe which I loved the shape of.
I drove the e30 but don't really remember how it felt back then, but I remember driving the e46 and I immediately liked the way it drove.

When I was a kid, you were either a Mercedes kind of guy or a BMW guy. Due to my parents influence I guess I've always been a BMW guy. I was taught that BMW's were a better drivers car, whereas Mercedes just gave a more comfortable ride for the passenger.

So it was inevitable that I would get a BMW, and most likely a 3 series.