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Can someone please do this for me..... Id like these demand lines/compressor pressure dots plotted on the 10T compressor map!! (see post 59 for charts)

Originally Posted by RobBeck View Post
Would anyone with the time and appropriate skills be able to plot these exact demand lines at each pressure on this 10T compressor map?

The demand lines are the straight (nearly vertical) colored lines, and the boost per RPM are the little color'd circles. Please include the little keys on the upper left side of the map if at all possible.

These demand lines were derived from a 3.0L V6 at the VE's shown per 1k RPM and are probably reasonably similar to the N54... or at least better than nothing. Credits for this map belong to Jeff L. and .

Ive read that to convert the cfm to m 3/s, divide 2119 into cfm. I have also read that .1 m 3/s is equal to 211.888cfm. I dont know how to calculate either derivation myself. Both dont seem to be exact, but they are close enough to just get an idea of how far off the map we get at x,y,z PR's.

Thanks in advance to whoever is able to pull this off.