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Originally Posted by akotten View Post
The main methanol feed line that runs across the valve cover appeared to be the main culprit,
Are you speaking of the line that runs above the engine across the plastic cowl that has the charcoal/pollen filter?

Originally Posted by akotten View Post
- Run mixtures of 50/50 or less (This occurred on a 75/25 mix)
There are still mix reviews on this, some say it's safe (the ones that sprayed a 49/50 boostjuice mixture on hot exhaust manifolds), others say it still burns invisibly. Perhaps maybe a good time to research Denatured Alcohol since it starts off with a higher boiling point?

Originally Posted by akotten View Post
The worst part of this was that I was nearly 700 miles from home. Fortunately I had a friend along to give me a ride home, and a fellow BMW CCA member trailered my car to his house near Denver to await further inspection/repairs.
How mod friend are the dealers in RC? When I lived in Sioux Falls, the dealers were not so mod friendly.
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