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You should have a shop lined up for a PPI before you get to the dealer lot. Then, if you like it enough to contemplate purchasing it I'd get it inspected. I'd personally want it on a lift so I could see underneath. I'd want the belly pan removed so I could see any oil leaks. I'd want the suspension checked over for leaking bushings. Being that it's at a dealer lot I'd think that they'd have steam cleaned the engine bay, erasing any top side signs of oil or coolant leaks....but check for those before you drive it. The white residue left behind by coolant leaks is easy enough to spot. Personally it's about the car for me, I couldn't care less wether it's sold by a dealer, private party, auction, whatever. If the price is right and the car checks out I couldn't care less. With that said the dealers tended to be WAY overpriced when I was shopping at this time last year. I don't know what your current BMW ownership experience has been like thus far. When I purchased I bought the most put together, well taken care of car I could find, spent a hefty sum on multiple PPI's on multiple cars during the search (saved me from making more then 1 mistake). My 2009 e93 335i had 78k on it when I got it. Index 12 injectors (check for those) and turbos were put in at ~ 55K. Battery, waterpump and thermostat were done @ 76k just before I bought it. There was a control arm that had just begun to leak that came up in the inspection. As well sorted as the car is/was I developed a coolant leak at the upper radiator hose last weekend and the car is parked until I can get all of the hoses and mickey mouse fitting replaced later this week. My FCP care package arrived today. A warranty would provide some piece of mind for sure. Not sure I'd go with it as I intended on doing most of the work myself when I was shopping. But if that's not your jam I can understand. GL with it.
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