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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Got a copy of excel or some other spreadsheet that you know how to use ?

Got a bank account and/or credit card that allows access to transactions via a web browser?

Log-on, do an inquiry into past transactions. Some of the better tools (especially with visa) will even tag your purchases with a category based on the retailer (computer guesses, but it can be really accurate).
Cut n paste your bank account and credit card transactions for the past 6 mos into a spreadsheet.

Use excel to group by category, and get totals for the past 6 mos.
This will show you where your money is really going, not where you sorta think it's been going (assuming you dont pay cash for a lot of stuff, this ain't 1980 after all).

This can be a very revealing & suprising thing to do, you wont believe where your money goes sometimes.

Having a monthly budget that clearly shows where every dime of your cash goes will help you live more comfortably. You'll very quickly realize where your cash is going and how you can make it last longer.