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DIY: Lower window trim removal (no bending)

I was in the process of blacking out my window trim, and read about how it was not possible to remove the lower trim without damaging it. I did it anyways. Figured if I didn't damage it too bad, it was getting covered.

I used a flexible plastic body filler spreader. I worked the corner of it under the edge of the trim, at the front of the door, and then worked the rest of it under, so the entire blade was under the trim. I then worked it up and down and moved down the trim to the other end. I was able to then lift up on the trim and it popped out of the rubber slot. Trim was not bent or deformed in anyway.

I then applied the vinyl to it, and reinstalled it.

Installation can be a bit tricky. I found out that when I was pushing in on the plastic tool I used, I deformed the slot the trim sits in a little. Once I realized what I had done, I used a large bladed screwdriver to open the slot back up. I put the blade in the slot and twisted back and forth and worked down the slot the length that I was having trouble reinstalling the trim. Once this was done, the trim popped right in.

You will want to use some painters tape (blue stuff) and mask off next to the trim, as seen in the pictures. This will prevent scratches.

You will also have to remove the side mirrors, to access the front door trim. I used a DIY here to do that.

Sorry for the phone pics, didn't have my camera handy.
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