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Originally Posted by gino00 View Post
If you're still looking for trim, I've got mine I'm looking to change over.
Yep, but you're in Sydney, so unless you have a 2nd vehicle, or want to drive without trim for a few days, it will be a logistical nightmare to do the trade.

I have heard back from David, and he has offered to sell me his old wood trim, but I guess he only logs on once a week or so, as I haven't heard back after that!

So, what I am saying is, if you are able to send me your trim, I can swap mine out, and send it back the same day I get it.

If so, i'll go that route, as I prefer a swap to buying trim, and then selling mine.

If you can't send me your trim:

1. I might be able to send you mine first, as long as I get the trim back form you ASAP.
2. Are you interested in buying my old trim if I buy David's?