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How did you drop that in there? It seems pretty hard unless you put it in place and bumped it well with the solenoid. Either way this o ring definitely landed probably all the way down by the sprocket for the crankshaft. You can see in this picture how the chain is setup kinda. I would like to check for you but then I'd have to start taking apart this thing in the stand. I think the bore scope is a great idea and then you could just fish it out with a stiff metal cable or something. Best option

EDIT: I just tried to put the solenoid back and realized exactly how you dropped it in lol. Very easy to do actually if you don't put the O ring right on that step area that it has in the middle of the solenoid. That would have sucked big time. Someone has to have had this happen before and not even realized they're missing the o ring.
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