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Drives: 2007 BMW 328xi wagon
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Haven't bought it just yet. Owner's out of town until Friday, so I need to finalize a price, and figure out when the buyer on the LGT is meeting up with me. Mine's Satin White with a 5MT and black leather, pretty rare combo. Not sure if that truly helps to sell, but.... made me feel good about myself I guess.

I was disappointed when the Legacy wagon got axed. I'm glad that BMW is continuing the 3 wagon with the F30, or supposedly anyway. Now that Americans are downsizing their cars somewhat, perhaps the sportwagon will make a resurgence. I'd like to at least see Subaru, Audi and Volvo get back in the game. Especially when oddballs like Acura (TSX) and Cadillac (CTS/-V) have *introduced* wagons, in a market where everyone else ditched them.

A guy can hope. A Legacy twin-turbo H-6 STi wagon, with Brembos and a 6MT? Mmm, that'd be nice.