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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
So if anyone goes to BMW of Sterling in Virginia for service, double check their work. I recently had my 325i in for a vehicle check service (free maintenance) and repair of a check engine light (see my other post about mice eating my car). To fix the check engine light they had to replace a fuel vapor recovery line that runs from the fuel tank up to the filler neck. That meant removing the right rear wheel, fender liner, rear valence panel, and dropping the fuel tank.

Well, they ended up leaving two bolts loose in the rear valence panel (one fell out) and hammering my rear wheel on so tight that when I tried to remove it on Saturday to rotate tires, it broke my Sears Craftsman 17MM impact socket, and my commercial-grade Ingersoll Rand 2131 impact wrench can't break the bolts loose. I then tried to break the bolts loose with a non-impact socket and my 24" breaker bar; it just snapped that socket too.

And they had the bright idea to have me wait to wash my car at 6PM Friday night (12/14) and scratch the living shit out of the paint becuase they used dirty wash towels.

Needless to say, they are off the list. Shoddy work. In fairness, they did give me a Mini to drive for two days for free.
that sucks... it doesn't surprise me. I have had similar experiences. How did you like the mini?