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Originally Posted by issabmw View Post
Excellent explanation. Individual superficiality in terms of grandiose, especially within social gatherings, isn't accepted and the equality of each other is stressed. The clothing, known as a "thobe" helps this.
Hello! The garment is called a thobe as issabmw pointed out or a kandoora. It is the national dress. It is equivalent to a suit. You wear it to work, you wear it to your wedding day, you wear it when you go out to the mall. The head garment you wear on top with the black halo like device is what makes it formal. If you wear it bandana style then it is informal. As far as individualization goes, you can pretty much custom make them the way you like, starting from the cloth to the way it is tailored. Each country in the arab world has a different style and you could know a person's origin from the way it is tailored.

The explanation of equality is correct but the individualization for what seems to be a white cloth is infinite. They come in colors too. I could go on for ages about them. I am from the UAE and wear them all the time. They are very comfy and helps beat the heat. If it is really hot outside, you can just place your sleeve on one of the air conditioning vents and you get an internal ventilation cooling system

I hope this explanation is of any help.