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Did you have weight reduction option on your wheels?

Originally Posted by b42 View Post
I'm a new and not a BMW owner, so if you guys feel bad, I am sorry.

I read "22'' ADV10TS wheels cracked from the inside out!" and "This is why I will only buy JWL certified wheels" threads on this forum, and I also want you guys to know about the ADV.1's quality.

Please read this. if you are interested in the ADV.1 3-piece wheels, want to get them or have been using them.

At first, see the photo below.

This is the center disc of my wheel that is 21" ADV.1 ADV7 Track Spec for my Audi RS6 Avant(C6).

We can see many holes on the flange.

Mar. 2010: I ordered 21" ADV.1 ADV7 Deep Concave through Wheels Boutique.
Sep. 2010: The wheels arrived, but they were returned to ADV.1 because of the wrong offset.
Oct. 2010: The corrected wheel set arrived, but they were returned to ADV.1 again because the vibration appeared.
Mar. 2011: The corrected wheel set arrived, but they were returned to ADV.1 again because of the wrong center bore and the vibration appeared again.
Jun. 2011: The corrected wheel set arrived, but the wrong offset and the wrong center bore were found again.
         I requested a refund.
        Jordan offered me a free second wheel set by using a warranty.
        I ordered 21" ADV7 Track Spec.
Nor. 2011: The second wheel set arrived, and...

I had gotten the vibration on the speed more than 75 mph again and thought that tires were not good, so they were changed from the Pirelli P-Zero Neros to the new Bridgestone Potenza RE050s, but the vibration had not stopped yet.

Next, I doubted that the wheels might have some problems.
Normally, I should return the wheels to ADV.1 to inspect them without taking them apart, but I am in Japan and do not want to take a long time to reassemble them, so they were taken apart to reassemble here in Japan.
At the time, I found many holes which were cut on the flange of the center disc.

Actually two rear wheels have the added holes.

the right side

the left side

When we compare the right center disc with the left one, the added holes are cut the different position between the right and the left ones.

See the photo above.
It is too close between holes, and the flange may crack when fasteners are tightened up.
I am really worry about the safety and the strength of these wheels.
They will not be able to support the RS6 which has the 580hp and the heavy weight 4800lbs.
When I imagine that I drive my car which is installed the wheels with my family, I get just scared...

Of course, I let ADV.1 know about this issue.
Jordan's answer was,,,

> it's not anything that would affect the safety / quality of the wheels

I asked him why he could declare that the safety and the quality of my wheels were not problem without inspecting the actual wheels.

This is Jordan's answer.
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 09:35:45 -0400

ADV.1 Jordan wrote:

There's no need for us to inspect the wheels again as they were inspected
upon QC prior to assembly and packaging. The 80 hole drill process on the
assembly flange is used often times for weight reduction / valve stem hole
alignment should the rotation of the center disc be slightly off from the
pre-drilled hole on the lip. Normally for weight savings we do this a
little differently as shown attached however on the 80 hole alignment it's
exactly like this. The reason this was done on your file is only because
the drill programming was an existing file from a previous order.

This does not in any way affect your wheels balance, strength or any other
negative factor.


ADV.1 | Advance One Wheels, Inc.

Jordan Swerdloff


This is his a attached reference.

Jordan has never explained logically and concretely why my wheels here do not have problem of the safety, the strength and the quality.

He explains the flange pocketing, but I have never ordered to cut pockets or added holes on the flange of center discs.

Addition, he explains the previus drill programming in this mail.

> The reason this was done on your file is only because
> the drill programming was an existing file from a previous order.

The previus order is ADV7 Deep Concave.
The latest order is ADV7 Track Spec.

This is definitely ADV.1's failure.
ADV.1 made a blunder to input the drill programming.
This signifys that they can not manage customers' orders and the production process.
He has admited that ADV.1 has problems with their abilities in a customer management, a production management and a quality control.

My wheel set here is an inferior product which was made by ADV.1's blunder.

I have requested a refund, but Jordan has insisted that my wheel set here has no problem.

I'd like to ask you guys on this forum.

Do you think this wheel set is a quality product?
Could you pay $8000 for this wheel set?
Could you drive your car which is installed this wheel set with your family?

Thank you for reading this long story.