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Originally Posted by 128vertinnoho View Post
You do realize insurance companies will be providing the health insurance available through the exchanges, correct? There is no such thing as 'obamacare' coverage, whatever that is.
Nice parsing of semantics Mr. Wizard. I realize the supporters don't like the term "Obamacare" but that's what we will continue to call it until it is crushed or this country is a wheezing, impotent, feckless shadow of its prior self.

While some current insurance companies will be administering the plan, that is all they will be doing. The risk will be shifted upward (to the taxpayers) and downward (to the providers).

And again, the plans they will be providing will be paying providers at never before seen shitty rates much lower than the current reimbursment for commercial contracts. THIS is what will dry up the supply of providers even more than it already is due to the drastic reduction in practice and hospital revenue.
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