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Originally Posted by rader1 View Post
An e92 coupe is a beautiful car, but the e90 sedan is the definition of plain jane and you might as well have bought a 328i. But that's just my opinion.
E92 or 135i; cant go wrong with either.
I'm not big on the looks of the sedan, but I'm liking mine more now that I've bumped the rear wheels out with spacers, the wheels looked pretty retarded before.

I won't do much else as I like my sedan being a sleeper, I'm going to record the announcer next time I run it at the track, the reaction to a little quiet stock looking BMW running 11s can be pretty funny.

If I didn't have kids in car seats, I'd have gotten the coupe, but getting a car seat in and out of a coupe sucked when I had one before so no thanks for now