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Originally Posted by rogerxp
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I did their Supercar Experience at Prestwold Hall but it was 10 years ago. If he likes his cars then you can't go wrong with this sort of thing IMO

I did this at the same place in 2006. I did a Euro-style supercar halfday and thought it was great - nothing to compare it against however but had no complaints.

From memory I got 3 laps in each of the 5 cars which, whilst sounds not a lot, seemed good at the time - more laps of course would have been good but I suppose I had 5 cars to get through.

The instructors at the time were definately happy for you to push on. In fact I remember the chap inthe DB9 pushing me quite hard (he was obviously more familiar with the cars limits than me) and I was amazed how fast you could get a car of that size round the track.

I was (am!) a complete novice on the track but for me it was a great experience - would love to do it again.
Good line up on that one Roger. Mine were: XKR, Exige, M12 GTO, Viper RT10 & a Diablo SV. The Diablo was awful. Noble was amazing, by far the best thing I have ever driven!