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Not impressed

Unfortunatelly this is BMW's response to all those complaints that the 3 series isn't roomy enough, that rear passengers are cramped, that luggage space is limited blah blah blah. What all those complainers failed to realize was that a sports car is not meant for all those things (unless it's an M5 or
S8). You want comfort, space and cupholders, get a minivan!

Well, there it is! A larger, roomier vehicle for the pleasure of everyone inside but the driver. Smaller engine, less cylinders, less power (for the entry model in Canada) more body roll, but slightly more expensive. Sure, there is a busy dashboard with a screen, a USB connector, apps, bluetooth and a bunch of other 99 cents gadgets but BMW was supposed to stand for simple, raw driving pleasure. I'm afraid that BMW is starting to drift away from that vision that made them unique. The engineers have to answer to boardroom directors who's only job is to roll those profit numbers up.