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I keep the car until the average monthly upkeep or major repair is more than the car is worth.


1989 Nissan Pathfinder -- Sold in January this year for 1,200. Bought new.
2002 BMW x5 150k blown tranny - 6k to fix sold for 10k broken bought new 2010 m trim x5
1999 Audi A4 - wrecked not my fault. Insurance 7k - bought 2012 335is

How long will I keep the Bmw's. a long time.

I was once told by a very wealthy car dealer who was a good family friend that the only was to get a value on a car is:

1. Buy used and drive it till it blows up on the side of the road.
2. Buy new and still do number 1 and you will Have less maintenance the first few years

I have followed numbe 2.