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Ground Clearance?
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Originally Posted by c-mon-son View Post
Wait a minute! where did those last two comments go...? That was comedy!
Hahahaha "cargo hooks..."
Who's worried about rear seat nets (magazine pouches) and cargo hooks on a performance car! Hahahaha

Hey guess what?! Porsche got rid of the back seats on the GT3... Oh no, what are we gonna do now... car still m*rders on the track.
why would you buy a car of these calibers if your worried about stuff like that, unless your just buying it for STATUS.
it makes sense when your buying a $50k car that doesnt come with floor mats to be upset. BMW just started putting floor mats back in e90s in October. or the fact that you could get a Shelby GT500 for the price of a moderately equipped 335i. even Mercedes are way cheaper for the same car.

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