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Originally Posted by enron29 View Post
I know. It's weird because I know she's already moved out. She even sent a text that she was having the carpets cleaned and hoped that didn't interfere with showing it...

Yes, we have a written agreement. I'm not trying to fill it with a new tenant right now. I'm trying to get a realtor in there to take pictures and put a lock box on to put it on the MLS.

We have let her know that since she has moved out that we are showing the property to prospective tenants. We have always texted her to let her know, even though she is not even at the home.

Exactly what I found. Thanks.

Wish I could, but I guarantee if I kept just a nickle of her deposit she would fight to the bitter end. She is so paranoid about getting her deposit like my wife and I are trying to scam her. I have her full deposit sitting in a savings account this whole time. But now she is costing me money cause the realtor doesn't want to go out there and put a lock box on if she's giving a hard time about showing it.

Yes. We do have this in our contract. She was allowing us to show it, but now she's saying we can't enter until after she turns over the keys.

I'm over being the nice guy. But I don't really have legal fees set up or time if she tries to pull something. I don't understand what the hell she would get. She has moved out and there is only 5 days left on the contract. I am just trying to get a realtor in there to start showing the place. But now she said, and I quote this, "you are welcome to enter the property at anytime beginning November 21st", which is the day after the lease agreement ends.
Written 24 hour notice is all you need. Write the letter, CC an attorney and get the realtor in there 24 hours after you place the letter on the front door. Send her an email of the letter as well.

Be cordial in the letter, explain that you are bringing in your realtor to take pictures for listing purposes. Explain that Cali law requires 24 hour notice prior to you entering the property. And that this time tomorrow you and your realtor will be there. Thank you for your cooperation. include a copy of the Cali laws and your lease agreement if you really want to CYA.
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