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Originally Posted by hamajicky
i don't have i-drive, and i can't figure out how to fast forward within a song on my cd player. if i hit the forward or backwards button, it skips a whole track at a time. is there a way to fast forward, say, 10 seconds or something within an individual song? thanks.
Took me a while to figure out b/c it works differently from the CD players on my 3 previous Bimmers. Simply press and hold the fwd or rev arrow keys (like you have to press and hold the "1" button to get * on the phone keypad function). On mine, if one presses "m" then presses fwd or rev arrow keys (this is how you advance within a track on the older models) then it advances/goes back 5 tracks. Kinda weird if you ask me, but hey, I just drive the thing.